Wood From Original

Dexterity > Ambidextrous

  • Benchmade / #15080-2 Crooked River / Stabilized Wood 102 Mm From U. S. A
  • Redorca / Japanese Traditional Hunting Knife 15-layer Damascus, 180 Mm From Japan
  • Toyokuni Long Hunting Knife Kawasemi Hirogami 300 Mm From Tosa Japan
  • Hand Forged Spiked Hex Mace Made From Carbon Steel And Ash Wood With Non-slip Grip
  • Nascar Bear Mgc 1995 10 Knife Collection All 10 Major Races From 1995 Display
  • Redorca / Japanese Hunting Knife (ken-nata) Modern Kobuse 210 Mm From Tosa Japan
  • Us Marbles Gladstone Belt Axe #9 With Sheath From A Collectors Estate
  • Russian Special Custom Survival Knife Warrior Hunting Fishing Ships From Usa
  • Smith & Wesson Blackie Collins Designed Survival Series Knife From 1976 In Box
  • Ikeuchi Japanese Traditional Hunting Knife 145 Mm Blue No. 2 From Miki Japan
  • New From Randall. Smithsonian Bowie Withmaple Wood Handle
  • Randall Knife Knives 26 Pathfinder Special Order From Factor Ysuper Nice Handals